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Glass Animals

How To Be A Human Being (Zoetrope LP)

Glass Animals

A 1LP zoetrope edition of Glass Animals second album How To Be A Human Being – each side features unique illustrations that animate with the rotation of the vinyl.

Zoetrope reissue of Glass Animals critically acclaimed second album How To Be A Human Being – following on from the unprecedented success of their latest album Dreamland & lead single "Heat Waves" 59 week climb to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Each side has been masterfully designed by zoetrope specialist Drew Tetz using the original album artwork.

1. Life Itself
2. Youth
3. Season 2 Episode 3
4. Pork Soda
5. Mama’s Gun

1. Cane Shuga
2. The Other Side Of Paradise
3. Take A Slice
4. Poplar St
5. Agnes