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Georgia (LP)


Georgia is the eponymous debut album by multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Georgia Barnes.

A bold, boundless 21st century amalgam, it is an opening statement that marks her out as an immaculate curator, distinctive songwriter of real spirit and self-taught producer of soulful, progressive and highly-defined electronic pop.

Georgia's influences are united more in ethos than aesthetic, with the fiercely independent, pioneering spirit of artists such as Missy Elliot, MIA and Karin Dreijer Andersson all evident in the record's twelve genre-busting, confrontational and globally minded tracks. Listening to the record, it almost feels like Barnes is trying to directly communicate the sense of wonder and possibility she encounters upon her own personal listening journey.

At the centre of all of this is the character of Barnes herself - a warm, compelling, malleable voice as believable a sensual soul-bearer as she is raucous provocateur and a very necessary new pop star for 2015

1. Intro
2. Kombine
3. Be Ache
4. Nothing Solutions
5. Hold It
6. Digits

1. Cab Ride
2. Tell Me About It
3. Move Systems
4. Heart Wrecking Animals
6. You