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George FitzGerald

Stellar Drifting (LP)

George FitzGerald

Stellar Drifting, George’s most ambitious project to date is ten tracks of widescreen, futuristic electronic music featuring the likes of Ellie Goulding (Uncredited) on vocals with lead single "Cold", SOAK, London Grammar and Domino’s own Panda Bear.

On Stellar Drifting, George keeps his roots deep within the electronic music scene, bringing in pop melodies, club rhythms and other UK dance music elements whilst pushing the boundaries of his sound.

1. Further and Further
2. Passed Tense feat. Panda Bear
3. Rainbows and Dreams feat. SOAK
4. Cold
5. Setting Sun

6. Cosmonaut Alley
7. Retina Flash
8. Betelgeuse
9. The Last Transmission feat. London Grammar
10. Ultraviolet