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G Flip

Drummer (Clear LP)

G Flip

G Flip makes the kind of high-powered rock pop music that could only come from the heart and mind of a drummer. A thrilling evolution of their 2019 full-length debut About Us, DRUMMER brings a newly heightened intentionality to their songwriting and sound, along with becoming the role model they never had growing up. In creating the album, G Flip co-produced and co-wrote alongside the likes of Tommy English (Billy Idol, Kacey Musgraves, Fitz and the Tantrums) and Colin Brittain (All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Royal & the Serpent), dreaming up a batch of songs built on a vast kaleidoscope of rhythms.

“When I was a kid trying to find someone to identify with, I would’ve killed to see a drumming pop star on MTV. It’s something I’d been waiting for forever, and when writing this album, I had to take my best shot at becoming the person I’d been searching for."

“The idea was to make a record from a drummer’s perspective, so I started out by writing up a list of drum ideas and grooves to include on the album,” says G Flip, who also plays guitar, bass, and keys throughout the LP. “I knew I wanted a song with a shuffle groove, a song with a funk/breakbeat groove, a song with cowbell (because all drummers love cowbell)—the goal was to show off all these different drum ideas, but always in a way that completely serves the song.”

1. 7 Days
2. The Worst Person Alive
3. Rough
4. Good Enough
5. Be Your Man
6. Australia
7. Baked
8. Real Life
9. Love Hurts
10. Kevin
11. Didn't Mean To
12. Made For You