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Partly Cloudy (Blue LP)


Five years in the making, Sydney / Illawarra garage-pop outfit FLOWERTRUCK return to our stereos with their sophomore album Partly Cloudy - the long-awaited sister record to their 2018 debut Mostly Sunny which was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize.

The acclaimed four-piece have dedicated their twenties to creating songs of love, loss and overdue rent-and this record is a wax seal on FLOWERTRUCK’s 8-year-long efforts inside Sydney’s-and Australia’s-independent rock scene.

Partly Cloudy is a rumination on the last half-decade spent in seedy clubs, festival stages, Tiger Air terminals, ramshackle studios, and newly formed friendships. It’s a loving and painful tribute to the sacrifices-turned-to-delights from a youth spent pursuing music.

1. Pretending
2. Father Of The Bride
3. Crying
4. Shame
5. Likelihood
6. Sing Along To Your Life
7. Quiet!
8. All Through Roads
9. Alright / All Right
10. Oberon
11. Hopeless