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In Search Of The Antidote (Archives) (Exclusive Deluxe Binder)



FLETCHER's 1st Collector Collection

The Antidote Archives is a 60-page interactive binder, personally curated for you to enjoy the most expansive and completist In Search Of The Antidote experience with FLETCHER.

 Each product includes:

  • An individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Beautiful high touch gloss varnish binder
  • 60 Pages of exclusive imagery and behind the scenes album content (including fold outs)
  • X3 Split Colored 7” Vinyls for FLETCHER's fan favorite records from the LP
  • CD album of ‘In Search Of The Antidote’
  • Interactive fold-out exclusive posters, video storyboards, lyrics, hand-written notes and vinyl slip pockets
  • Removable photo prints & trading cards exclusive to The Antidote Archives
  • Storage slots for each exclusive vinyl art card with space to house collector tour tickets and other FLETCHER memorabilia

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Maybe I Am 2. Doing Better 3. Ego Talking 4. Lead Me On 5. Two Things Can Be True 6. Eras Of Us 7. Attached To You 8. Crush 9. Pretending 10. Joyride 11. Antidote