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Fear Factory

Re-Industrialized (Silver 2LP)

Fear Factory

In 2012, Fear Factory released their ninth studio album, The Industrialist. The album is a concept record that tells the story of a machine that becomes self-aware and turns on its creators. The album features a mix of heavy, crushing riffs and electronic elements, with Bell’s powerful vocals soaring over the top. The original recording featured a drum machine and now the band is finally happy to present the music with real drums, recorded by current drummer Mike Heller.

Re-Industrialized was produced by Rhys Fulber, who had previously worked with the band on Demanufacture and Obsolete. The album was released to critical acclaim, with many critics praising its innovative sound and thought-provoking themes. After being long out of print on vinyl, in 2023, Nuclear Blast Records proudly present a stunning new edition of this album expanded with five bonus tracks and re-recorded drums. Despite some line-up changes over the years, Fear Factory has continued to be a force in the industrial metal scene. Their music has influenced countless bands and their legacy continues to be felt today.


1. The Industrialist
2. Recharger
3. New Messiah

1. God Eater
2. Depraved Mind Murder
3. Virus Of Faith
4. Difference Engine

1. Disassemble
2. Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed
3. Enhanced Reality
4. Human Augmentation

SIDE D (Bonustracks)
1. Fade Away (Recharger Remix by Rhys Fulber and Dino Cazares)
2. Noise In The Machine (Difference Engine Remix by Blush Response)
3. Landfill
4. Saturation
5. Passing Complexion