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Empire Of The Sun

Two Vines (Limited Edition Green 1LP)

Alt-electro pioneers Empire Of The Sun welcome you into their garden of unearthly bliss as they return with their third studio album TWO VINES, set for release on October 28 and available to pre-order now. Through a waterfall of dreams, beyond the white light of an ice curtain lies a lush, green world where childlike innocence and ancient wisdom are one. Enter, Empirian pilgrims, the jungle paradise that marks the third incredible age of the Empire of the Sun...



  1. Before
  2. High And Low
  3. Two Vines
  4. Friends
  5. There’s No Need
  6. Way To Go


  1. Ride
  2. Digital Life
  3. First Crush
  4. ZZZ
  5. To Her Door