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just calling to tell you i’m ok (LP)


There are some albums that hit you immediately like a sucker punch, knocking the air out of you. There are others that take their time to unfurl, slowly and gently revealing its secrets to the listener. And then there are the very rare albums that manage to do both of those things – like Eliott’s tender and powerful debut album just calling to tell you I’m okay.

The 12-track LP is an arresting statement of arrival from the 26-year-old, who’s been steadily and surely cutting her teeth in the Australian music scene since her debut single "Figure It Out" in 2017.

The album is a compelling journey of fracturing relationships, self-discovery, and gentle, hopeful rebirth. As Eliott tells it, it’s almost a conversation she’s having with herself.

SIDE A 1. Only 25 2. Hanging On 3. Tell Me 4. I Miss You All The Time 5. Happy On My Own feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic 6. Control SIDE B 7. Draw A Gun 8. For Oli 9. Energy 10. Here Again 11. Oh My Heart 12. Just Fine