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Elegant Weapons

Horns For A Halo (2LP)

Elegant Weapons

Talk about Firepower.

That is, of course, the name of the Judas Priest record that represents guitarist Richie Faulkner’s finest moment with the legendary Birmingham band, one that Richie—also British—has been central to for 11 years now.

But that also describes the happenstance that is Elegant Weapons, with Faulkner being bolstered and emboldened by the regal presence of Ronnie Romero—Rainbow, Vandenberg, Michael Schenker—along with Dave Rimmer from Uriah Heep and on drums, Christopher Williams from German Metal veterans Accept.

But why Elegant Weapons? In almost any endeavour, the craftsman needs the right tools for the job. For a musician, those tools are things like their instruments, their voices and the emotions that the right combination of all those can bring to the surface. You can also consider it a reference to the instruments we play, because they’re almost antiquities now. So yes, it references our instruments and also this kind of music, where we’re carrying on the tradition of the greats like Sabbath and Dio but also bands the guys are connected to, like Rainbow, Pantera and Priest.”

SIDE A 1. Dead Man Walking 2. Do Or Die 3. Blind Leading The Blind SIDE B 1. Ghost Of You 2. Bitter Pill 3. Lights Out SIDE C 1. Horns For A Halo 2. Dirty Pig SIDE D 1. White Horse 2. Downfall Rising