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Ela Minus

Acts Of Rebellion (Deluxe Silver LP)

Ela Minus

Self-made and punk in spirit - Ela puts her own spin on traditional electronic music.

She designs and builds hardware synthesizers and as a self-imposed rule, no sound in her work is generated inside a computer.

Acts of Rebellion is a call to fight, to live, to be present. An optimistic, uplifting album, it's a record of small details and grand gestures, a manifesto of simplicity, a record brimming with life.

A collection of songs about the personal as political and an embracing of the beauty of tiny acts of revolution in our everyday lives.

1. N19 5NF
2. they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.
3. el cielo no es de nadie
4. us against them
5. pocket piano
6. dominique
7. let them have the internet
8. tony
9. do whatever you want, all the time.
10. close (ft. Helado Negro)