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Hate Campaign (Transparent Orange Splatter LP)


2000's Hate Campaign is the fifth studio album by Swedish death metal legends DISMEMBER. It remained in line with the group's tradition of riff-driven, at times melodic, often groovy, always efficient brand of old school death metal. With "Beyond Good and Evil", "In Death's Cold Embrace", "Patrol 17" or the title track, Hate Campaign also includes a whole bunch of strong songs.​

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Suicidal Revelations
2. Questionable Ethics
3. Beyond Good and Evil
4. Retaliate
5. Enslaved to Bitterness
6. Mutual Animosity

1. Patrol 17
2. Thanatology
3. Bleeding Over
4. In Death's Cold Embrace
5. Hate Campaign