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Death Metal (Purple Marbled LP)


Released in 1997, the fourth studio album by Sweden's DISMEMBER totally lives up to its title, and provides a harsher, more aggressive sound than its predecessor. Including a barrage of great tracks like "Misanthropic", "Of Fire", "Silent Are The Watchers", it also marked the debut of drummer Fred Estby as producer. This remaster by Patrick W. Engel adds an impressive additional punch resulting in the ultimate version of this classic.​

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Of Fire
2. Trendkiller
3. Misanthropic
4. Let the Napalm Rain
5. Live for the Fear (of Pain)
6. Stillborn Ways

1. Killing Compassion
2. Bred for War
3. When Hatred Killed the Light
4. Ceremonial Comedy
5. Silent are the Watchers
6. Mistweaver