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Everything Destroys You (White LP)


The new album by DEATHSTARS Everything Destroys You will be released as a limited white LP in a sleeve incl. a poster.

Swedish industrial cult act DEATHSTARS finally return with their latest sonic output Everything Destroys You. Their first release in over eight years marks a long-awaited comeback with everything that is DEATHSTARS: adrenaline, bombast, sex & glam! Amplified anguish, destructive urban party nights, dystopia, and slick glamour - their diverse musical spectrum spans from electric, lightning-ridden highways of fun, action and adrenaline to darkness and jet-black humor.

“The reason it’s been taking so long is that we simply wanted - and needed - a break after intense touring and so on, and on top of that the pandemic happened so tours were postponed and the release with them, so it feels fantastic to finally be able to present Everything Destroys You, says Nightmare Industries. ”Everything Destroys You is the face of the excesses of our nights of opulence in the city. We always write about our lives, and there’s no fiction, spirituality, or soul in the marrow of DEATHSTARS”, says Whiplasher. “It’s just the scarred city life in the raw.” The fifth DEATHSTARS album was produced by Nightmare Industries at Black Syndicate in Stockholm, Sweden, and was mixed and mastered by Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Uriah Heep, Anthrax, Steel Panther, Fall Out Boy) in Los Angeles, USA.

SIDE A 1. This Is 2. Midnight Party 3. Anti All 4. Everything Destroys You 5. Between Volumes and Voids SIDE B 1. An Atomic Prayer 2. Blood for Miles 3. The Churches of Oil 4. The Infrahuman Masterpiece 5. Angel of Fortune and Crime