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DC Gore

All These Things (Deluxe Translucent Blue LP)

DC Gore

Quick on the heels of the release of a string of acerbic art pop singles, today DC Gore presents his synth-layered, politically prescient debut album, All These Things.

Following the dissolution of south London trio Little Cub, Gore has remodelled and reimagined the band’s electronic synth-pop within his solo work to incorporate additional acoustic instrumentation which makes for a more textured and temperate sound. All These Things expertly layers fantastically dystopian imagery against twinkling tapestries of electronics and propulsive beats. It’s a shift akin to the Pet Shop Boys’ development between Introspective and Behaviour: from bright, dancefloor-focused pop to melancholic mini-symphonies.


1. Millennium People
2. Nietzsche On The Beach
3. Need You Tonight
4. Set You Free
5. I Like You

1. California
2. Sisyphus
3. Bodies
4. All These Things