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Dan Croll

Grand Plan (LP)

Dan Croll

This graduate of the Macca-founded Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts had released two albums – Sweet Disarray (2014) on a major, Emerging Adulthood (2017) on Communion (launchpad for Michael Kiwanuka, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Bear's Den) – and had enjoyed solid success.

And yet, and yet...There was good radio support, a couple of banging syncs ("Compliment Your Soul" made it onto FIFA 14, "From Nowhere" was on Grand Theft Auto V), a busy international gigging schedule. So time for action. Decisively, impulsively, Dan Croll bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles.

It was far away, it was sunny, and it was the source of so many of the classic records he loved. He only knew one person there, a musician/podcaster called Danny who'd once interviewed him and said that if he ever fancied coming to LA.... This new album tells the chronological story of Dan's move to LA, finding his feet.

1. Yesterday
2. Stay in L.A.
3. Rain
4. Actor With A Loaded Gun
5. Grand Plan
6. Work

7. So Dark

1. Honeymoon
2. Hit Your Limit
3. Coldblooded
4. Surreal
5. Together