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C.W. Stoneking

Gon' Boogaloo (LP)

C.W. Stoneking

After a six year wait the one and only C.W. Stoneking returns with his brand new album Gon' Boogaloo!

Gon' Boogaloo is 12 tracks blasted directly to tape with his full band. Say goodbye to the tropical adventures that pervaded his ARIA Award winning Jungle Blues - C.W. Stoneking has discovered electricity and he's firing up the amps (and a shiny gold Fender) for a rock 'n' rock, gospel, blues, dancehall explosion!

1. How Long
2. The Zombie
3. Get On The Floor
4. The Thing I Done
5. Tomorrow Gon' Be Too Late

6. Mama Got The Blues

1. Goin' Back South
2. The Jungle Swing
3. Good Luck Charm
4. I'm The Jungle Man
5. On A Deset Isle
6. We Gon' Boogaloo