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Cut Copy

In Ghost Colours (Limited Edition Cyan Blue 2LP)

Cut Copy

Cut Copy's second album In Ghost Colours built on the success and acclaim of band’s first album Bright Like Neon Love and propelled them into the stratosphere. Featuring the band’s biggest hits "Hearts On Fire"and "Lights & Music," "In Ghost Colours" melded together the band’s signature 80s synth nostalgia with the energy of an indie rock band. The album reached #1 on the ARIA Charts and was praised as the 4th best record of 2008 by Pitchfork, and named in their 100 best albums of the 2000s.

Repressed recently for the band’s super limited Collected Works Box Set, fans who missed out now have the chance to grab a copy of the record on limited edition cyan blue vinyl.

1. Feel the Love
2. Out There on the Ice
3. Lights and Music
4. We Fight for Diamonds
5. Unforgettable Season
6. Midnight Runner
7. So Haunted
8. Voices in Quartz
9. Hearts on Fire
10. Far Away
11. Silver Thoughts
12. Strangers in the Wind
13. Visions
14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
15. Eternity One Night Only