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Crowded House

Woodface (LP)

'Woodface' is the third studio album by the band Crowded House. Produced by Mitchell Froom, it was released by Capitol in July 1991. It features five singles "Chocolate Cake," "Fall at Your Feet," "Weather with You," "Four Seasons in One Day," and "It's Only Natural".

'Woodface' was a major hit in Australia and New Zealand, as well as giving the band their first top ten hit album in the US.




1. Chocolate Cake

2. It's Only Natural

3. Fall At Your Feet

4. Tall Trees

5. Weather With You

6. Whispers And Moans

7. Four Seasons In One Day



1. There Goes God

2. Fame Is

3. All I Ask

4. As Sure As I Am

5. Italian Plastic

6. She Goes On

7. How Will You Go