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Cold Chisel

The Perfect Crime (Deluxe CD/DVD)

Cold Chisel

This CD/DVD Collectors edition of the album features 15 tracks – PLUS and 11 track DVD showcasing  10 tracks of in-studio footage detailing the recording over the album; overlaid with studio versions of those tracks, plus the video for the acclaimed new Chisel single "Lost".

The Collectors edition is housed in a deluxe DVD-sized slipcase, featuring a 64 page booklet, collecting behind the scenes images from the recording of the album, scans of handwritten lyrics and more!

The Collectors edition also features EXCLUSIVE cover art.

With The Perfect Crime there's a real sense among the band that they might just have pulled off the most definitive musical statement in the band’s unparalleled four-decade career. The first half of the album is dominated by a set of pulsating, menacing rockers, at once distinctly Cold Chisel, and yet for the most part quite unlike anything they’ve previously committed to tape. "It’s probably the most rock & roll album that we’ve done," say primary songwriter Don Walker. “It’s historically been one of the bugbears that everyone brings in ballads or mid-paced songs,” adds Don, “but our producer Kevin Shirley was relentlessly looking for stuff that was up-tempo."  Lead singer Jimmy Barnes agrees: “We wanted to do a rock record and Kevin was pushing for that from day one.” The second half of The Perfect Crime then pushes all kinds of boundaries, ranging across slow-motion Soul Train-style disco (yes, disco!), ’50s Latino cabaret, smatterings of blues and jazz...and then, for the first time ever, strings (along with soulful female backing vocals) find their way onto a Cold Chisel song, on the album’s stone-cold classic lead-out single, “Lost.”

CD 1. Alone For You 2. The Backroom 3. All Hell Broke Lucy 4. The Perfect Crime 5. Long Dark Road 6. Four In The Morning 7. The Mansions 8. The Toast of Paris 9. Shoot The Moon 10. Mexican Wedding 11. Get Lucky 12. Bus Station 13. Lost 14. Romantic Lies (Bonus Track) 15. Blue Flame (Bonus Track) DVD 1. Alone For You (Studio video) 2. The Backroom (Studio video) 3. The Perfect Crime (Studio video) 4. Long Dark Road (Studio video) 5. The Mansions (Studio video) 6. Shoot The Moon (Studio video) 7. Mexican Wedding (Studio video) 8. Get Lucky (Studio video) 9. Bus Station (Studio video) 10. Lost (Studio video) 11. Lost (Concept video)