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Cold Chisel

The Live Tapes Vol 1: Live At The Hordern Pavilion April 18, 2012 (Bluray)

Cold Chisel

This special concert set features 21 live recordings including all the classic hits. Includes additional studio footage with the band.

Please note: The DVD/Blurays are in Region 4, PAL format, make sure you verify that your media player can play PAL formatted DVDS/Blurays. This product will not work on United States and Canadian NTSC-only players.

1. Standing On The Outside 2. Cheap Wine 3. No Plans 4. HQ454 Monroe 5. Saturday Night 6. Everybody 7. Yakuza Girls 8. My Baby 9. Rising Sun 10. Summer Moon 11. Choir Girl 12. All For You 13. You Got Nothing I Want 14. Merry-Go-Round 15. Flame Trees 16. Khe Sanh 17. Bow River 18. When The War Is Over 19. Dead And Laid To Rest 20. Four Walls 21. Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)