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Seasonal Shift (Red LP)


Calexico’s Seasonal Shift is less of a Christmas album and more of a cross cultural seasonal celebration. The themes are based around that familiar end of year feeling, of reflection, of ceremony and of recognition of the year gone by and changes it brought for better and for worse.

It contains a few cover songs including classics by John Lennon and Tom Petty, a few more special guests and a whole load of good will. It’s heartfelt but fun, and earnest but celebratory.

1. Hear the Bells
2. Christmas All Over Again
3. Mi Burrito Sabanero
4. Heart of Downtown
5. Seasonal Shift

6. Natures Domain

1. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
2. Glorys Hope
3. Tanta Tristeza
4. Peace of Mind
5. Sonoran Snoball
6. Mi Burrito Sabanero (Reprise)