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Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys

All Night Long (LP)

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys

A diamond forged under the weight of a long-term relationship disintegrating and an existential re-examination of the soul, Caitlin Harnett and The Pony Boys second album All Night Long doubles down on the popular harbour city outfit’s thrilling exploration of inner-city country music’s outer limits.​

Harnett’s admitted habit of revealing songs to her road-tight band at the very last-minute means that many of the songs captured on All Night Long exist as vital documents of the band’s earliest attempts at each composition. A record worthy of their confirmed status as major draws on alternative roots line-ups across the country, the spontaneity is high and the challenge to tastefully explore the outer reaches of Americana drives The Pony Boys to deliver magic takes heavy on vibe and vitality.​

After a productive two days in the studio with their engineer, Harnett on reviewing the material soon realised All Night Long was in fact a break-up album. At the same time her seven-year relationship was faltering, the writer was driven to address and move herself away from some of the complex issues of self-doubt and underestimation of worth that plague so many creatives.​

“I was basically writing all these songs, you know battling through, and learning to live with who you are as a person and to love yourself.”​

As a result, All Night Long finds Harnett walking with a new-found determination, and armed with a new collection of music set to advance the already attractive proposition that she and her Pony Boys provide for fans with an ear for the twangier side of rock n roll.

1. I'll Get By
2. Sidelines
3. Can't Have It All
4. Lil Ripper
5. Only Dreaming

1. Even Cowgirls Cry
2. Living With Yourself
3. Max's Song
4. If I Don’t Have You
5. Waiting For Something