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The Age Of The Offended (Blue with Orange/Black Splatter LP)


Over 30 years into their nefarious saga, Cadaver remain one of the most unique and potent forces in contemporary heaviness. Formed in Norway in 1988 and led by founding vocalist/guitarist Anders Odden, they pioneered a strange and terrifying strain of death metal that proudly ignored the rulebook.

Their commitment to a subversive ethos set them apart from the vast majority of like-minded bands. Following up the grotesque rebirth of Edder & Bile was never going to be easy, but The Age Of The Offended confirms that Cadaver are on a roll and growing in strength and confidence.

A wild and wicked barrage of hallucinatory brutality, it strikes a blow for originality, curiosity and defiance, in a world transfixed by the utterly mundane. Right now, as ever, nothing and no one else sounds remotely like them.

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Sycophants Swing (Intro)
2. Postapocalyptic Grinding
3. Scum Of The Earth
4. The Age Of The Offended
5. Death Revealed
6. The Shrink
7. Crawl Of The Cadaver

1. The Drowning Man
2. The Sicker, The Better
3. Dissolving Chaos
4. Deadly Metal
5. The Craving
6. Freezing Isolation