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Magno Interitus (LP)


Cabal is one of the most brutal and promising heavy acts hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band aims to create a visceral and doom-laden atmosphere throughout both their music and visual expression. The production is crystal clear, whilst the songwriting draws inspiration from everything from black- and death metal to djent and hardcore.

Cabal is now ready to unleash their third and most ambitious album to date Magno Interitus, in collaboration with the metal label mastodons Nuclear Blast. This album sees Cabal expanding on the foundation they've built with previous releases, but also sees the band experiment more than ever before.

1. If I Hang, Let Me Swing
2. Insidious
3. Magno Interitus
4. Existence Ensnared
5. Insatiable
6. Blod af Mit
7. Exit Wound
8. Violent Ends
9. Like Vultures
10. Exsanguination
11. Plague Bringer