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Regresa (LP)


Like generations of Puerto Ricans before them, Raquel Berríos and Luis Alfredo Del Valle of experimental pop duo Buscabulla moved to the mainland United States to hustle for their dreams, but a longing for their island ran deep, never escaping their thoughts during the decade they resided there. After Hurricane María, the band moved home to Puerto Rico from Brooklyn to help rebuild the community, raise their daughter, and record their debut full length album.

Regresa was recorded in its entirety in Raquel and Luis Alfredo’s home studio in Puerto Rico, and is an emotional roller coaster in which they face and ponder the issues affecting them and Puerto Rican society at large: the frustration at the lack of opportunities for locals while tax breaks lure rich investors, self-doubt and anxiety, even the rise of religious fanaticism.

1. Vámono
2. La Fiebre
3. El Aprieto
4. Club Tú y Yo
5. Mio
6. NTE
7. Manda Fuego
8. No Sabemos
9. Nydia
10. Volta
11. Ta Que Tiembla