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Space Island (LP)


The fourth full-length album from NZ brother and sister BROODS, Space Island, is an exploration of grief and all its many dimensions: its unpredictable nature and refusal to follow any linear path, its incredible capacity to bring great clarity and transformation. In keeping with the New Zealand-bred duo’s unfettered imagination—an element they’ve brought to multiple platinum- and gold-certified records so far—the album’s 10 tracks exist in a surprisingly radiant sonic realm, its aesthetic equally inspired by ’60s sci-fi B-movies and the balmy exotica of composers like Les Baxter. As a result, Space Island introduces a dazzling new intensity into BROODS’ atmospheric indie-pop while providing a powerful conduit for catharsis.

1. Goodbye World, Hello Space Island
2. Piece Of My Mind
3. Heartbreak
4. Distance And Drugs
5. I Keep (feat. Tove Lo)

6. Like A Woman
7. Gaslight
8. Days Are Passing
9. Alien
10. If You Fall In Love

NOTE: The vinyl cover art does not include artist name or album title.