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Boy & Bear

Suck On Light (Red LP)

Boy & Bear

Suck On Light is Boy & Bears 4th album and is about lead singer, Dave Hosking's (vocals/guitar) own personal experience with being really sick, for a really long time with chronic dysbiosis. The illness effected his brain and body to the point where basic tasks (shopping, working, socialising) were near impossible. He was in a constant state of agitation and discomfort, confused, exhausted and  felt like he was living on another planet. The worst of it lasted for about 5 years.

The record lyrically is about this experience as well as some of the more positive sentiments and lessons that have come from the challenge. At its heart, the album is about the power of our own minds. Our ability to compartmentalise as well as escape when we need to.
The album title is a name of one of the songs but more importantly a fitting metaphor for hope and sums up the theme of the record really well.  The idea also stems from a Leonard Cohen lyrics "it is through the cracks where the light gets in."

1. Work Of Art
2. Suck on Light
3. Bird of Paradise
4. Telescope
5. Dry Eyes
6. Long Long Way
1. Off My Head
2. Bad People
3. Hold your Nerve
4. Rocking Horse
5. BCS
6. Vesuvius