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Bored Shorts

Way Off! (Orange LP)

Bored Shorts

Bored Shorts was born from a 10-year friendship between Dom Hoban and Will Blackburn, who have collaborated on bedroom tracks since the day they met in Margaret River, WA – with no intention of the world ever hearing them. Now based on the East Coast, the band has grown into a ragtag group of Aus indie future has-beens.

In the early months of 2020, Bored Shorts hunkered down in a South Coast DIY house studio to collect their thoughts and the forgotten gems of iPhone voice memos past. These scraps of song have since flowered into the band’s debut album which will be released via Spunk! Records.

1. As The World Looks Down
2. Changes Up Ahead
3. Costly (I Can't Let You Down)
4. Growing Out
5. Sutherland St.
6. Sortie
7. Common Connections
8. Oxford Style
9. Starving
10. Hansel & Jasnel