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Company (Cyan Blue LP)


2022 Vinyl Reissue!

Company, the third and final studio album from iconic Platinum selling Australian rock band Bluejuice, is available now on Cyan Blue Vinyl for the first time. The vinyl coincides with never before heard demos released on streaming platforms.

On their third album, Bluejuice were driven to exceed expectations. Working with the best session players and co-writers in Australia, the five piece group expanded their recording players and put everything on the line in order to produce the energetic, modern pop record.

1. Can't Keep Up
2. Act Yr Age
3. You Haven't Changed
4. Cheap Trix
5. I'll Put You On
6. The Recession
7. Aspen, New York
8. Shock
9. Do You Will?
10. Dressed for Success
11. Kindaevil
12. On My Own