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Baby Cool

Earthling On The Road To Self Love (Aqua LP)

Baby Cool

Baby Cool, the new project from Nice Biscuit’s co-front woman Grace Cuell, is today beckoning us further into her mystical realm with the announce of her brand-new album, Earthling on the Road to Self Love.

“The songs on Earthling On The Road To Self Love are deeply sentimental," Cuell shares. "I have a lot I need to sing about to help me make sense of this earthly pod I have been gifted. If in singing these words out loud, I can help others find solace in knowing that we’re all out here flailing about in the cosmos, then it feels good to me.”

1. The Sea
2. Ode To Mother Luna
3. Alter
4. For Us
5. Poison
6. Country Song
7. Interlude
8. Magic
9. Daydream