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Brighter Side Of Blue (LP)


Babitha’s debut album Brighter Side Of Blue.

Talking intent, for the 11-song album, Babitha and the band entered a 24-track studio for the first time wanting a new experience, and a chance to get together during the peaks of lockdown. Newly opened Stranded Studios in Bellambi offered a joyous respite from the monotony of life in lockdown. It was also the first album ever recorded at the studio. Behind the mixing desk was Bowen Shakallis and Cody Munro Moore and inside the studio were Babitha regulars Alexi Grivas on guitar, Cecil Coleman (Body Type) on drums and Russell Fitzgibbon (Skeleten) on bass.

“Only Fair” was the first track the band laid down, feeling confident after playing the song in every live set. It’s also the perfect song to showcase from the album with its homage to Babitha’s past and future.

1. Only Fair
2. Night and Day
3. Happy Person
4. Ants
5. Lost In a Daze
6. Always
7. Brighter Side of Blue
8. How the Time is Tickin'
9. In My Own Time
10. Ghost
11. Nothin' Left to Burn
12. Fade Away