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Australian Crawl

Sirocco (40th Anniversary Edition LP)

Australian Crawl

An integral piece of Australian surf rock history, Sirocco cemented Australian Crawl’s legendary status in Australian rock. Boasting the singles "Errol," "Oh No Not You Again" and "Things Don’t Seem" the album was named after actor Errol Flynn’s yacht.

It spent 6 weeks at #1 on the Australian album charts, 8 months in the top 20, and is now accredited 3x Platinum by ARIA.

1. Things Don't Seem
2. Unpublished Critics
3. Love (Beats Me Up)
4. Oh No Not You Again
5. Lakeside
6. Trusting You
7. Errol
8. Can I Be Sure
9. Easy on Your Own
10. Love Boys
11. Resort Girls