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Arctic Monkeys

Favourite Worst Nightmare

After becoming the biggest band in 2006, Arctic Monkeys' return with their highly anticipated 2nd album "Favourite Worst Nightmare". The thrilling second album, produced by James Ford and Mike Crossey, is a breakneck technicolour journey through screwball punk and guitar-fuelled dancefloor heroics; a brilliant racket that proves there's infinitely more to the Arctic Monkeys' than mere pop songs; though it has them in spades.



1. Brianstorm

2. Teddy Picker (Explicit)

3. D Is For Dangerous

4. Balaclava

5. Fluorescent Adolescent

6. Only Ones Who Know

7. Do Me A Favour (Explicit)

8. This House Is A Circus (Explicit)

9. If You Were There, Beware

10. The Bad Thing

11. Old Yellow Bricks

12. 505