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Limited Teddy Necklace + Digital Album


Limited edition sterling silver necklace packaged in gold envelope.

Digital album will be delivered via email on 2 August, 2024.
Please note: Digital downloads will only be available to Australian customers.
Digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1KHZ/24-bit audio files.

If you wish to purchase any of these items individually you can do so HERE.

1. Intro 2. Toxic 3. Access 4. Miss You Still Ft. Cub Sport 5. Too Late 6. Tarmeka 7. Aussie Accents 8. Rockstar Games 9. Bratz 10. Drip Drop 11. One For Me Ft. Kye 12. One Track 13. Minded Ft. Yng Martyr 14. Just A Moment Ft. Vetta Borne 15. Bon Voyage 16. Encrusted