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All We Are

Providence (Deluxe Blue LP)

All We Are

On All We Are's third album, Providence, the trio create a technicolour world of love, sex and dancing, adding some respite from the gloom and a healing salve for whatever ails.

Formed of three university friends, All We Are coalesced in Liverpool despite hailing from across the globe. Ireland's Richard O'Flynn (drums), Norway's Guro Gikling (bass) and Brazil's Luis Santos (guitar) had exorcised some of their anxieties on 2017's Sunny Hills and came back to All We Are with a new lease of life that wound itself into the music.

Providence is an album celebrating the universal virtues of love, loss, sex, friendship and dance across a vibrant soundtrack; a cascade of colour and hooks, funky basslines and electric rhythms. This clearer, more focused pop sound is thanks in part to producer Dave McCracken, who helped the band sift through and find the essence of each song. Where Sunny Hills was the catharsis, Providence is the balm.

1. Providence
2. Heart Of Mine
3. Not Your Man
4. L Is For Lose
5. Beauty In Loss
6. When You Cry
7. How You Get Me
8. Elegy
9. Bad Advice
10. Deliver It