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Alex Lahey

The Best Of Luck Club (Limited Edition Clear Red LP)

Alex Lahey

Alex Lahey welcomes you to experience The Best Of Luck Club, where there's no dress code and you can check in any time you like. 

Irresistibly catchy hooks abound throughout this Australian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist's assured second full-length with Lahey's distinctively candid lyricism giving a voice to millennial ennui. The ten songs on this record document 12 months during which Lahey navigated "the highest highs and the lowest lows" in her life to date.

The Best Of Luck Club is released off the back of the success of her debut long-player "I Love You Like A Brother" (2017), which peaked at #15 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

1. I Don't Get Invited To Parties Anymore
2. Am I Doing It Right?
3. Interior Demeanour
4. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
5. Unspoken History
6. Misery Guts
7. Isabella
8. I Need To Move On
9. Black RMs
10. I Want To Live With You