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96 Bitter Beings

Synergy Restored (Limited Edition Green Splatter LP)

96 Bitter Beings

In 2022, 96 Bitter Beings unleashed the long-awaited Synergy Restored, 11 songs of relentless power and vibe.

Four-on-the-floor, fuzzy and visceral, proper rock n’ roll made by an actual band, rather than a bunch of over processed samples and otherwise stale shenanigans. Songs like “Vaudeville’s Revenge,” “90 Car Pile-Up,” and “Wish Me Dead” offer vivid reminders of the truth- telling prowess of guitars, bass, and drums.

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Vaudeville's Revenge
2. Wish Me Dead
3. Fire Skyline
4. Throw Yourself Inside
5. 90 Car Pile Up
6. Bedtime Story
7. Bloodrock Mania
8. Slither Away
9. Taken By Suprise
10. Adios Amigo
11. Conditional Or Unconditional