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Squirrel Flower

Tomorrow's Fire (LP)

Squirrel Flower

Less than an hour south of Chicago, along the shores of Lake Michigan, sits the Indiana Dunes, a protected expanse of shoreline recently designated a National Park. When Ella Williams first visited the Dunes, she was awed by the juxtaposition of its natural splendor within a surrounding industrial corridor. “Every time I go there, it changes my life,” she says, without a hint of hyperbole. “You stand in the marshlands and to your left is a steel factory belching fire and to your right is a nuclear power plant.” Across the water, Chicago waits, its glistening towers made possible by the same steel born here.

Similarly, for as long as she’s been making music, Ella Williams’ songs have been products of the environments they’re written in, born out of the same world they so vividly hold a mirror to. This environment is where her magnetic new album, Tomorrow’s Fire, lives.

1. I Don’t Use A Trash Can
2. Full Time Job
3. Alley Light
4. Almost Pulled Away
5. Stick
6. When A Plant Is Dying
7. Intheskatepark
8. Canyon
9. What Kind Of Dream Is This?
10. Finally Rain