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Paul Kelly

The Best Of The A-Z Record (2LP)

1 Adelaide
2 Be Careful What You Pray For
3 Cradle of Love
4 Down To My Soul
5 Everybody Wants To Touch Me
6 Forty Eight Angels
7 Going About My Father's Business
8 How To Make Gravy
9 I Keep On Coming Back For Me
10 Just About To Break
11 King Of Fools
12 Luck
13 My Way Is To You
14 No You
15 One More Tune
16 Pretty Place
17 The Ballad Of) Queenie And Rover
18 Rally 'Round The Drum
19 Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
20 They Thought I Was Asleep
21 Until Death Do Them Part
22 Winter Coat
23 You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
24 Zoe