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Ivy And The Big Apples (Limited Edition Red LP)

The legendary third album by rockers Spiderbait, Ivy and the big apples, turns 25 in 2021. The album is a masterclass in rock, punk and grunge. The band found their stride with this record, which features Buy Me A Pony, the first Australian track to reach #1 on the triple j hottest 100, and hit single Calypso – featured in the film 10 Things I Hate About You.

To mark the 25th anniversary, the band are releasing a super-limited edition repress on red vinyl to match the cover art.

1. Chest Hair
2. Hot Water And Milk
3. Buy Me A Pony
4. When Fusion Ruled The Earth
5. Calypso
6. Goin’ Off
7. Don’t Kill Nipper
8. Horschack Army
9. Conjunctivitis
10. Joyce’s Hut
11. Jasper
12. Goosh
13. Should Have Done What My Mum Always Told Me To
14. Hey
15. Hawaiian Nights
16. Driving Up The Ceiling