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Room Under The Stairs (Store Exclusive 2LP)


Over the last six years, Zayn has been writing his fourth studio album at his home studio in rural PA. This album marks his most personal release to date, reflecting where he is in his life while exploring the complexities of healing, stillness and growth. It also sees the genre-bending artist explore a new sound, leaning into his soulful vocals, live instrumentation, and poetic lyricism as a songwriter. The album was co-produced by Zayn with 9x Grammy award winning record producer Dave Cobb. This will be Zayn’s first album with Mercury Records.

Due to the effect, each vinyl is unique and may look slightly different to the image shown.

1. Dreamin 2. What I Am 3. Grateful 4. Alienated 5. My Woman 6. How It Feels 7. Stardust 8. Gates Of Hell 9. Birds On A Cloud 10. Concrete Kisses 11. False Starts 12. The Time 13. Something In The Water 14. Shoot At Will 15. Fuchsia Sea