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Towa Bird

American Hero (LP)

Towa Bird

The debut album release from half-Filipino, half-English artist, singer-songwriter, guitarist Towa Bird who's been co-signed by Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Tyler the Creator, & more. She has received praise from Rolling Stone "Rising Pop Star to watch in 2024," NME Magazine "Towa Bird is writing a queer love story for the ages", Billboard "Towa Bird’s knack for building a pop song around a fiery guitar solo might be her greatest strength" & more.

About the album, Towa says - “The title of American Hero is entirely ironic—I’m not American, and in my view I’m not heroic either. “These songs are me being completely honest about queer love and all its essence; there’s a lot of yearning and vulnerability and dealing with difficult emotions. I grew up listening to so many male-gazey love songs, and it was important to put something out into the world that felt like the music I wanted for myself when I was a kid.

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