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925 (LP)


Centred around North Londoners Asha Lorenz and Louis O'Bryen, two 22-year-old childhood best friends with an instinctual connection, Sorry were signed by Domino after developing a reputation as the most thrilling new band on London's underground circuit. The band are not only a must-see live outfit - their attention to detail across a slew of groundbreaking visual accompaniments for their early mixtapes Home Demo/ns Vol I & II and singles like "Wished" and "Showgirl" has earned the band their status as one of the most vital and relentlessly creative new British bands of the moment.

With 925 (co-produced by Lorenz, O'Bryen and Gorillaz, Blur & Nilüfer Yanya collaborator, James Dring), Sorry take another giant leap forward. New tracks, like current single "Right Round The Clock", which arrived in October, shimmer with typical glowering lyricism, alluring instrumentation and punchy choruses. Other highlights of their incendiary live shows, the haunting "Rosie" and "As The Sun Sets" glisten alongside fan favourites, the singalong "Lies" and raucous "Starstruck".

925 is a record which will undoubtedly cement their status as true originals and cross-genre innovators in 2020 and beyond.

1. Right Round The Clock
2. In Unison
3. Snakes
4. Starstruck
5. Rosie
6. Perfect
7. As The Sun Sets
8. Wolf
9. Rock 'n' Roll Star
10. Heather
11. More
12. Ode To Boy
13. Lies