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Squeeze (Deluxe Clear LP)


SASAMI presents her new album, Squeeze, with the release of videos for dual lead singles “The Greatest” and “Skin A Rat,” two tracks that perfectly encapsulate the album’s breadth and wide range. “The Greatest” video is directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, and the “Skin A Rat” visualizer was created by Andrew Thomas Huang (Björk, FKA twigs), who also designed the album cover.

On Squeeze, SASAMI explores her wide spectrum of moods - from raging at systemic violence to wrestling for control in her personal relationships. Throughout, the singer-songwriter and producer surveys the raw aggression of nu-metal, tender plainspokenness of country-pop and folk rock, and dramatic romanticism of classical music. Squeeze hammers home a sentiment of “anti-toxic positivity” and showcases SASAMI’s vicious honesty and brutally uncompromising vision, partially inspired by the Japanese y?kai folk spirit called Nure-onna (translation: wet woman), a vampiric deity that has the head of a woman and the body of a snake.

Squeeze was produced by SASAMI, with a handful of the tracks co-produced by Ty Segall. Other notable contributors include Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy, King Tuff’s Kyle Thomas, Christian Lee Hutson, Barishi, Moaning’s Pascal Stevenson and No Home.

1. Skin A Rat
2. The Greatest
3. Say It
4. Call Me Home
5. Need it to work

1. Tried to Understand
2. Make it Right
3. Sorry Entertainer
4. Squeeze
5. Feminine Water Turmoil
6. Not a Love Song