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Crowded House

Together Alone (LP)

'Together Alone' is the fourth studio album by the band Crowded House. It was released in October 1993 and was their first album to feature multi-instrumentalist Mark Hart as a full band member.

Unlike the band's first three albums, which were recorded in the US and Australia and produced by Mitchell Froom, 'Together Alone' was recorded in New Zealand with producer Youth.
The original album audio is sourced from the highest resolution transfer from the original tapes by Abbey Rd Mastering.




1. Kare Kare

2. In My Command

3. Nails In My Feet

4. Black & White Boy

5. Fingers Of Love

6. Pineapple Head



1. Locked Out

2. Private Universe

3. Walking On The Spot

4. Distant Sun

5. Catherine Wheels

6. Skin Feeling

7. Together Alone