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Missy Higgins

The Second Act (Orange LP)

Missy Higgins

The Second Act is Missy’s first full length studio album in six years, and “a kind of sequel” to her renowned debut album The Sound Of White.

“I wrote all those songs on the first album when I was in my late teens when I never thought anyone would hear them, so they were very personal, like I was writing my secrets in a diary”, Missy explains. “I did less of that on later albums for lots of reasons but lately I realised I’d gone back to that confessional mode of songwriting. I guess it’s been my way of dealing with the end of my marriage. So, I feel like I’ve come full circle … I was starting life from scratch at 20 and now, like lots of people, I’m figuring out how to start life all over again at 40.”

Despite being written two decades apart, these albums see Missy grappling with the same questions from different points in time.

“They’re both looking forward nervously and wondering what comes next. They’re both asking questions like “who am I?” and “who do I want to be?”.