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You Am I

Convicts (Limited Edition Yellow LP)

You Am I

You Am I have released their seventh studio album Convicts for the first time on 180 gram vinyl. This 2019 pressing was mastered for vinyl by Don Bartley at Benchmark and is presented on 180 gram yellow vinyl and featured the full intended cover for the album; the original CD edition included only a quarter of the full cover, created by James Bellesini for Love Police.

‘The recording of the LP Convicts found our band at an odd juncture. The 8th such juncture of the 19 we’ve found ourselves at. So far. And whaddya do when you find yerselves at a juncture? You hitch yerself to the fastest hunk o’ junk outta there. Stuck ourselves in a room and wrestled with some toons like kids on detention at the Potter’s Wheel.  We listened back lately; we like it. So, we’re releasing it on LP for the first time’. 

1. Thank God I've Hit the Bottom
2. It Ain't Funny How We Don't Talk Anymore
3. Friends Like You
4. Nervous Kid
5. Secrets
6. Thuggery
7. By My Own Hand
8. The Sweet Life
9. Gunslingers
10. Constance George
11. Explaining Cricket
12. I'm a Mess