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Various Artists

Reservoir Dogs (LP)

Various Artists

Director Quentin Tarantino has a knack for picking superb backing tracks for his films, and the soundtrack to his bold debut, Reservoir Dogs, is no exception.

Nestled between Steven Wright's sad-sack song announcements is the disc's opening tune, the George Baker Selection's "Little Green Bag," a shuffling groove with a faux-tropical melody line that's hard to shake, followed by Blue Swede's candy-coated pop gem "Hooked on a Feeling," with its unmistakable 'hooga-chakka' intro.

1. And Now Little Green Bag...
2. Little Green Bag
3. Rock Flock Of Five
4. Hooked On A Feeling
5. Bohemiath
6. I Gotcha
7. Magic Carpet Ride
8. Madonna Speech
9. Fool For Love
10. Super Sounds
11. Stuck In The Middle With You
12. Harvest Moon
13. Let's Get A Taco
14. Keep On Truckin'
15. Coconut
16. Home Of Rock