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Various Artists

Mystify - A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence (2LP)

Various Artists

The soundtrack from the highly anticipated documentary about Michael Hutchence (who passed away in November 1997), that premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.


The soundtrack unveils previously unheard tracks from the enigmatic rock star and introduce INXS’ iconic sound to a new generation.

It weaves recently discovered, and never-before heard, covers performed by Michael, with the much loved INXS classics that led the evolution of the music industry so many years ago.

The full-length film was written and directed by filmmaker Richard Lowenstein who helmed some of the band’s early music videos. Lowenstein has promised definitive insight to one of rock’s great frontmen. Hutchence was Australia’s first international rock star, he was a ‘sex symbol’, a poet, shy, brash, charismatic, bohemian, a family man and utterly complex.

1. Let It Ride
2. Deliver Me (Demo Version)
3. Black & White
4. Need You Tonight (Live 1988)
5. Under My Thumb**
6. Please (You Got That)

1. What You Need
2. Dont Change
3. Spill The Wine*
4. Move On
5. Need You Tonight

1. Devil Inside
2. Love Is (What I Say)
3. Baby Don't Cry
4. All Im Saying*
5. Shine Like It Does

1. Burn For You
2. Viking Juice
3. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
4. Original Sin
5. Never Tear Us Apart***

* Michael Hutchence
** Michael Hutchence & London Symphony Orchestra
*** Michael Hutchence, Mylène Farmer & INXS